9 D Energy work with companies in the UK and world wide on energy solutions. We assist by sourcing funding and managing projects both in new build and retro fit.  9D Energy source funding and assist in delivery on small and large sustainable power generation and efficiency projects.


We are passionate about the planet and its ability to sustain human life as the population soars and resources  become stretched there has never been a more important time to be passionate about sustainable energy solutions. We love working on projects where technology brings new hope as well as benefit to communities today and for generations to come.

What we do. 

Introduce technologies and solutions through  networking, market development, business development, advice, project management, sales and marketing services.

Create Shared Energy Saving Programmes (SESPCo) which can help if projects require upfront capital.

Scope and deliver small and large renewable generation projects such as Solar Parks, Biomass, LED lighting systems air source heat pumps, electric heating systems (Quantum), voltage optimisation, low loss transformers for private HV networks, endothermic roof heating systems. 


More information on specific products coming soon to this site.



Contact us on: info@9de.co.uk